2019 New Zealand CLAANZ Conference

Future prospects for charity law, accounting, and regulation.

A conference hosted by the Charity Law Association of Australia and New Zealand and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and supported by DIA Charities Services

Building on the success of 2018, this multi-disciplinary conference covered legal, accounting and related practical issues associated with the charitable sector, and aimed to:

  • Inform and educate on important topics for charities
  • Strengthen links, contacts and collaboration within the sector community
  • Share lessons learnt and best practice that have worked for others, within New Zealand and beyond
  • Stimulate discussion and input into the review of the Charities Act 2005.
The hosts brought together a wide range of voices and perspectives to consider the issues before us all. This conference provided opportunities for rich conversation on the review of the Charities Act and what the framework of charity law should look like in the future.

Among the speakers were leading figures from New Zealand and overseas, including: the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Hon Peeni Henare, Professor Matthew Harding from the University of Melbourne and chair of the Charity Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, Dr Oonagh Breen, Professor of Law, University College Dublin, Donna Flavell, CEO Waikato Tainui, Justice Joe Williams, speakers from Charities Services, and leading academics and practitioners from New Zealand and overseas.

View below presentations, videos and photographs from the conference. 

Audio of the conference is also available as a 9 hour episode on seeds podcast at this link (or in podcast apps if you search ‘seeds’).


DAY 1: Thursday 11 April 2019

Minister's address: The Hon Peeni Henare



Welcome by the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Hon Peeni Henare

SESSION 1: Do charities need to be "regulated"?



    • Sue Barker
    • Oonagh Breen
    • Myles McGregor-Lowndes
    • Jeroen van der Heijden
    • Natasha Weight
    • Matthew Harding (moderator)
  • Sue Barker - Do charities need to be “regulated”? - view here
  • Oonagh Breen - Do charities need to be “regulated”? - view here
  • Myles McGregor-Lowndes - Do charities need to be “regulated”? - view here
  • Jeroen van der Heijden - 4,000 years of regulatory theory and practice - Exploring the main paradigm shifts in regulation - view here
  • Natasha Weight - Issues on the table - Modernising the Charities Act 2015 - view here

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Charity litigation, costs and how to prove public benefit



Presented by Jennifer Batrouney QC


  • Jennifer Batrouney QC - Public benefit - How to prove it?  - view here


SESSION 2: Advocacy - are charities able to advocate against government policy?


  • Sari Baird
  • Peter Gunn
  • John Hancock
  • Matthew Harding
  • Jane Norton
  • Jennifer Gill (moderator)
  • John Hancock - Are charities able to advocate against government policy? - view here

Other resources
  • Session 2 - Advocacy - are charities able to advocate against government policy? - Listen to audio of session 2 at 1:44:45 here

SESSION 3: Accumulations or application - what to do about charities' reserves?


  • Ian Murray
  • Peter Walls
  • Wayne Tukiri (moderator)

  • Ian Murray - Charity Accumulation - view here
  • Peter Walls - Accumulation as an Objective for Charitable Foundations - view here


SESSION 4: Future of charities and tax


  • Nick Bland
  • Arti Chand
  • Stewart Donaldson
  • Mark Lash
  • Fiona Martin
  • Jamie Cattell (moderator)
  • Nick Bland - Future of charities & tax – getting the process right - view here
  • Arti Chand - Future of Charities & Tax, Business Income Exemption - view here
  • Stewart Donaldson - Future of charities & tax - view here
  • Mark Lash - Future of Charities and Tax – a Māori Perspective - view here
  • Fiona Martin - Future of Charities and Tax - view here

SESSION 5: Governing Charities

  • Sarah Doherty
  • Chris Kelly
  • Rosemary Langford
  • Caren Rangi
  • Tina Wilson
  • Andrew Phillips (moderator)
  • Rosemary Langford - Australian Governance Standards - view here

SESSION 6: Research in the charitable sector

  • Oonagh Breen
  • Carolyn Cordery
  • Dave Henderson
  • Bernard Lamusse
  • Rosemary Langford
  • Steven Moe
  • Brent Kennerley (moderator)
  • Oonagh Breen and Carolyn Cordery - view here
  • Dave Henderson - Survey Report - Independent Community Consultation to inform the Review Of The Charities Act (2005) - view here
  • Rosemary Langford - Restoring Public Trust in Charities – Reforming Governance and Enforcement - view here


DAY 2: Friday 12 April 2019

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: View from the Bench

Presented by Justice Joe Williams

Part of The Honourable Justice Joseph Williams talk is available here on seeds podcast, discussing the Karakia (prayer) given at the start of that day of the conference. A paper is being prepared and will follow in due course so check back again for that.

  • Justice Joe Williams - transcript of Keynote - view here

SESSION 7: Review of the Charities Act - Emerging issues and implications


  • Gwendoline Keel
  • Steven Kerr
  • Matthew Turnour
  • Sue Barker (moderator)

SESSION 8: Social enterprise

  • Louise Aitken
  • Dana Brakman Reiser
  • Kaye Maree Dunn
  • Holly Norton
  • Steven Moe (moderator)

  • Louise Aitken - Akina - Growing Social Enterprise - view here

Other resources:
  • This session was a live interview for Seeds Podcast (www.theseeds.nz) which is hosted by Steven Moe and has close to 100 interviews with change makers, charities, not for profits, social enterprises and others, exploring their stories and going deeper to discover their “why”. Great for commuting, mowing lawns or other unused time in the day. The podcast can be found in podcast apps by search for ‘seeds’ or connect with Steven at stevenmoe@parryfield.com for more information.
    Listen to Seeds podcast of this session here.

Seeds podcast interview: A history of financial reporting

  • Carolyn Cordery
  • Steven Moe

SESSION 9: Future of financial reporting

  • Warren Allen
  • Paul Atkins
  • Jennifer Gill
  • Liz Prescott
  • Duncan Scott
  • Brayden Smith
  • Melville Yates
  • Brent Kennerley (moderator)
  • Brayden Smith - The future of financial reporting - view here
  • Melville Yates - ACNC: the future of financial reporting - view here

Reflections at end of conference

Facilitated by Matthew Harding and Craig Fisher


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Call to action: Best practice international approaches

Presented by Oonagh Breen